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Your Hand – A Christian Poem by Margaret C. Mullings


As I lay upon my mattress,
by means of my window,
in awe and in full,
astonishment I see Your
Hand prolonged to me!

Staring in marvel and
in amazement! You spoke
these phrases to me,
See I’ve you in My Hand
and nobody can hurt you

Oh how reassuring to be held,
in Your Hand! for there isn’t any
contact like Your Contact! No different,
hand can maintain me the best way you do!

Then Your phrase jogs my memory that,
whom You’ve in Your Hand no
one can take away! Hold me then,
perpetually in Your Hand Oh Lord!
For Your Proper Hand has gotten
for me the victory in each space,
of my life! In Your Hand is the place
I wish to all the time be!

By Margaret C Mullings
Utilized by Permission

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