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Who Is aware of Me? – A Devotional by Skip Moen

I’ll rejoice and be glad in Your loving kindness, as a result of You’ve gotten seen my affliction; You’ve gotten identified the troubles of my soul.” Psalm 31:7 (NASB)

Identified  “Omniscience“. Oh, it’s an excellent doctrine. God is aware of every little thing that may be identified.  It’s a big assertion concerning the scope of His commentary and understanding. However it’s sort of sterile.  It’s a type of huge concepts that lends itself to debates like, “If God already is aware of what I’m going to do tomorrow, can it actually be my free selection“?”  I ponder if David ever involved himself with such cognitive points.  David’s method is way extra private.  God is aware of the troubles of my soul.  Relating to my relationship with the Lord, this is perhaps all I actually need.

The verb is kind of acquainted.  Yada covers the widest vary of figuring out in Hebrew, from figuring out the info concerning the enemy military to figuring out the sexual intimacy of marriage.  It’s value reflecting on this vary.  We now have many distinct verbal expressions for various sorts of data.  We categorize our info.  There’s a field for info, a field for opinions, a field for theories, a field for observations, a field for involvements, and so on.  Good, neat compartments the place we will “know” the fitting factor in a single space however by no means let it contact the issues we really feel or observe in one other space.  However yada reminds us that every little thing is related.  It isn’t doable to “know” one thing and preserve it neatly separated from the actions that make up who we’re.  If God is aware of the troubles of my soul, sure implications about this reality should comply with.

God is aware of my tsarah.  He is aware of the misery I encounter, the adversities I face, the troubles life arms me and the vexations that plague me.  God is aware of these items.  That doesn’t merely imply He observes them as info. Yada-ata.  He is aware of them.  He experiences my troubles.

Take into consideration this.  After I weep, is God weeping with me?  After I rejoice, does He dance?  After I shake with worry, is He there beside me?  After I battle with selections, does He struggle for the fitting?  Yada says “Sure.”  The total vary of relationship dynamics is thought to Him.  He isn’t the God of disengaged analysis or the ethical policeman.  He’s as shut as my breath, my sight, my ideas and my sighs.  He’s the God in my want.

Would it not make a distinction in our struggles for righteousness if we contemplated the God of yada?  Would we really feel His consolation, His steerage or His warning just a bit extra intensely if we engaged the Hebrew umbrella of figuring out.  David worships a God who’s intimately concerned in life.  He doesn’t sit on His throne in Zion ready for quarterly experiences on our progress.  He sits by our facet, asking us to lean on Him.  He’s the ezer‘, the benefactor who involves our assist in instances of want.

By Skip Moen
Utilized by Permission

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