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The place Did Pentecost Come From?

Think about these phrases from the primary studying for Pentecost Sunday:

When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled,
they have been multi functional place collectively.
And abruptly there got here from the sky
a noise like a robust driving wind,
and it stuffed the whole home through which they have been.
Then there appeared to them tongues as of fireside,
which parted and got here to relaxation on every certainly one of them.
They usually have been all full of the Holy Spirit
and commenced to talk in several tongues,
because the Spirit enabled them to proclaim.

It is easy for Christians to misconceive what’s meant right here by the achievement “for the time for Pentecost.”  The disciples of Jesus have been in Jerusalem the place that they had gone at Jesus’ instruction (Acts 1:4-5) to attend for the approaching of the Holy Spirit. Jerusalem was mobbed as a result of devoted Jews had come there to have fun Shavuot, or the Feast of Weeks which falls 50 days after Passover. 
What’s Shavuot?  The useful web site Judaism 101 tells us:

Shavu’ot, the Pageant of Weeks, is the second of the three main festivals with each historic and agricultural significance (the opposite two are Passover and Sukkot). Agriculturally, it commemorates the time when the primary fruits have been harvested and delivered to the Temple, and is named Hag ha-Bikkurim (the Pageant of the First Fruits). Traditionally, it celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, and is also referred to as Hag Matan Torateinu (the Pageant of the Giving of Our Torah). 

The interval from Passover to Shavu’ot is a time of nice anticipation. We depend every of the times from the second day of Passover to the day earlier than Shavu’ot, 49 days or 7 full weeks, therefore the identify of the competition. See The Counting of the Omer. The counting reminds us of the vital connection between Passover and Shavu’ot: Passover freed us bodily from bondage, however the giving of the Torah on Shavu’ot redeemed us spiritually from our bondage to idolatry and immorality. Shavu’ot is also referred to as Pentecost, as a result of it falls on the fiftieth day; nevertheless, Shavu’ot has no explicit similarity to the Christian vacation of Pentecost, which happens 50 days after their Spring vacation.

The date for Shavout is set by the date of Passover annually, simply because the date of Pentecost is set by the date of Easter annually.  Maybe you keep in mind that this yr (2022) Passover and Easter occurred again to again.  So, in 2022, the celebration of Shavuot begins this weekend, Saturday, June 4, at sunset, with our Pentecost falling on Sunday, June 5.

I am happy to share with you right here certainly one of Alden’s prayers for Shavuot:

For the Pleasure of Studying

G-d, we give thanks for the enjoyment of studying,
For the love of instructing and being taught,
For the reward that connects us to You,
To one another
And to Your Divine phrase.
Your knowledge is close to to us,
In our hearts and in our mouths,
In our palms and in our lives,
In order that we might educate it to one another
With humility and love.
Hear our prayer for individuals who educate and study,
Bringing new mild to Your individuals Israel.
Make the moments collectively a celebration.
Let heaven pour knowledge and energy by them
In order that they overflow with enthusiasm and surprise
Drawing others into Your service.
In order that after we witness the love of studying
Our souls flip again to You for knowledge.
Collectively, we provide this journey again to heaven,
And rejoice.

© 2011 Alden Solovy and To Bend Light, All rights reserved.

Pentecost 2011 Particular

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