Victory Over Satanic Dreams

Dreams can have an impact on our lives whether positive or negative depending on the type of dream.  Satanic dreams are always evil and destructive in their outcome.  Many people could not sleep well as a result of Satan attacking their dreams

God has forgiven you and He said you should relax and rely on Him.  He further said that you should not Worry at all, that nothing will happen to you. 

Satan attacks you in the dream when you don’t read the word of God THE BIBLE  When you know God’s word,  He will communicate with you directly and you will know all the things you need to do to fight back.

When you experience bad dreams, read the word of God and pray against it as soon as you wake up. God can also communicate with you through dreams as well as satan.

Satan is bent on manipulating the good things God has in stock for believers, you so you have to be at alert all the time studying and meditating the word of God

The devil can fake to be God or an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve. Therefore the dreams which at first superficial glance may seem to be from God can actually after a thorough examination be found to be from Satan.

The devil is very active during sleep and can communicate with us at any time. We should not be ignorant of the Devil devices and strategy so that we can defeat Him. (2 Corinthians 2:11).

One of the Devil strategies is to speak lies to believers in the dream/  Devils lies will lead believers to sin if care is not taken

The devil steals God’s word from people’s hearts so that they will not bring forth fruit unto salvation.

Do you ever notice that when you dream at times, you could not remember the dream immediately you wake up?  The Devil makes you forget details of the good dream from God so that the good dream may never have the possibility of coming to fulfillment

Now, the question is,  What should we do to be free completely from Satanic Dreams.  They are simple.

For you to have victory over satanic dreams you must be in Christ.

To have victory over satanic dreams, you must not be afraid. Fear will make you get confused. 1 John 4 verse 18:  There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. Fear can paralyze us from taking the necessary action and hence suffer terrible consequences as a result of negligence and idleness.

To overcome satanic dreams you must pray aggressive warfare prayers

It is a known fact that Fervent and aggressive warfare is the secret to overcome satanic dreams. Resisting the devil makes him flee

James 4:7.   Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 1 Peter 5 verses 8 and 9.  Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

Fasting and prayer combined with aggressive prayers work better.

Please pray the following prayer points.

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I  overcome satanic dreams and claim all the good dreams I dreamt and send the bad dreams to go back to their sender in Jesus’ Name.

•             O Lord I take possession all the good things which I have lost as a result of bad dreams in Jesus Name,

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I arrest every satanic attacker attacking me in my dream. I paralyze their activities in my life in the name of Jesus.

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, all my stolen virtues, goodness and blessings are retrieved in Jesus’ name.

•             O Lord, Let all satanic manipulations through dreams be dissolved in Jesus’ name.

•             Every evil spiritual load placed on me through dreams is neutralized in Jesus’ name.

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I purge my intestine and my blood from satanic foods and injections in Jesus’ Name.

•             I break every evil covenant and initiation through dreams in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             O Lord, I destroy the plan of the enemy over Every evil r my life in Jesus Name.

•             O Lord, I abolish forever every doorway and ladder to satanic invasion in my life by the Blood of Jesus.

•             I command every ungodly power, to release me in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             O Lord, all past satanic dreams in my life should be converted to Godly dreams in Jesus Name

•             O Lord, Let all trials in the dream be converted to victory over satanic dreams in Jesus’ Name.

•             O Lord I convert all failures in the dream to success in Jesus’ name.

•             O Lord, I convert all scars in the dream to stars in Jesus’ Name

•             Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.

•             I convert all bondage in the dream be to freedom in Jesus’ name.

•             I convert all losses in the dream of gains in Jesus’ name.

•             Lord, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I convert all opposition in the dream to victory in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

•             Lord, I convert all weaknesses in the dream to strength in Jesus’ name.

•             Lord, I convert all negative in the dream to positive in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             Lord, Every attempt to deceive me through dreams shall fail woefully by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

•             Let the blood of Jesus wash all the organs in my body in the name of Jesus.

•             I command every evil plantation in my life, come out with all your roots in the name of Jesus! (Lay your hands on your stomach and keep repeating the emphasized area.)

•             Evil strangers in my body, come out of your hiding places in the name of Jesus.

•             I disconnect any conscious or unconscious linkage with demonic caterers in the name of Jesus.

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I close all avenues of eating or drinking spiritual poisons.

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ. I evacuate all negative materials circulating in my bloodstream that is allowing satan attacking me in the dream

•             I command all evil spiritual feeders feeding me in the dream to be roasted by fire in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             I command all demonic food utensils fashioned against me to be roasted in the name of Jesus.

•             Holy Ghost fire, circulate all over my body.

•             I command all physical poisons inside my system to be neutralized in the name of Jesus.

•             I nullify all evil assignments fashioned against me by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

•             I destroy all catering equipment of evil caterers attached to me in Jesus Name.

•             I command my digestive system to reject every evil dream in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             Lord, let all satanic designs of oppression against me in dreams and visions be frustrated in the name of Je

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I remove my name from the register of evil feeders in Jesus’ Name.

•             Lord, Let the habitation of evil caterers become desolate in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             Lord, I paralyze the spirit that brings evil dreams to me in the name of Jesus.

•             Lord, Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy any evil list containing my name of Jesus Christ.

•             Lord, Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy any evil list containing my name in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I cancel and wipe off all evil dreams in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             Lord, I destroy every satanic accident organized for my sake in the name of Jesus Christ.

•             Lord, Let the blood of Jesus erase all evil dreams in the name of Jesus.

•             Lord, Let all evil dreams be replaced with blessings in the name of Jesus.

•             Lord, I command all my good dreams to come to pass in the name of Jesus.

•             I receive the grace and ability to sleep and wake up in Jesus’ name. I rebuke every spirit of sleeplessness in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

•             I reject and rebuke every spirit of fear sent to me during my sleep in Jesus’ name.

•             Lord, as I lie down every day to sleep, I shut the gates and doors of my sleep and dreams against the devil in Jesus’ name.

•             I restrict and forbid evil movements of wicked spirits that manipulate and influence my dreams negatively.

•             Jesus Christ says “in my Name, you shall cast out the devil.” In the most potent and powerful name of Jesus Christ,

•             I cast out every demonic and evil spirit sent on assignment to frustrate my life through evil dreams and evil actions.

•             I sanctify everywhere and every place I lie down to sleep with the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.

•             I sanctify every material I lie down to sleep upon with the blood of Jesus Christ.

•             As I lie down to sleep, let the light of the Almighty God overshadow me and destroy every darkness around me in Jesus’ name.

  • I   free my mind from evil thoughts, imagination, and words sent to attack my mind in preparation for evil dreams in Jesus’ name.
  • I pull down every stronghold created in my mind for evil dreams in Jesus’ name. I cover my mind with the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • In the name of Jesus Christ, I disconnect myself from human satanic agents who are influencing evil dreams in my life.
  • I take authority over the spiritual atmosphere of my environment, my habitation, my financial and marital destiny in Jesus’ name.
  • I take authority over every cell, organ, and system of my body. I forbid and rebuke any oppressive spirit from having dominion over them in Jesus’ name.
  • By the power of the Holy Spirit, I rebuke every marine spirit and spiritual personality sent on assignment against my dream life. I nullify their influences, attacks, and manipulation in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • By the power of the Holy Spirit, I receive divine healing and restoration of any cell, organ or system of my body which the devil has affected in dream.

I scatter and put to flight every evil and satanic gathering summoned concerning me, let them be as chaff before the wind, let the angels of the Lord chase them;

  • By the anointing of the Lord, I destroy every yoke of Satanic and evil dreams that are holding my life and destiny hostage. I disconnect myself from every effect of such yokes in Jesus’ name.
  • I release the fire of God to burn into invisible ashes, any evil covering which the devil is using to cover my blessings through evil dreams and arrows in Jesus name
  • All evil and satanic arrows sent or fired at me in dreams from the time I was born, I render you powerless now and I return you to the sender in Jesus’ name.

Let me share with you briefly on how to have quick answers to prayers.

Everyone desires quick answer to prayer and the good news I have for you today is that your prayer can be answered as soon as possible, but the bad news is that not everybody will be part of this good news.

For every quick answer to prayers, there is provision for it in the scripture, if it is not there, changes are that such prayers might be delayed. Please know that God Almighty cannot guarantee or give you what He had not promised in the Bible.

Secondly, you must believe that God will give it to you.  A lot of people believe in the word of God, but they have problems believing that it will work for them. They may even believe that God will do it for another person but when it comes to their own issues doubts set in. in order words when you are praying you must first believe He will answer your prayers as fast as possible especially when you match your prayer with a specific scripture that go with it.

Take a look at Mark 11:24 which says that when you pray you should believe you receive the things you asked for and you will have them. But until you see them, it will be difficult for you to believe you receive them.

To receive quick answer to prayers, pray as if you have received the answer. Most Christians pray as if the desired answer is yet to be formed instead of praying as people who have already seen what they want. 

The enemy might test your faith as you seek answers to your prayers, you need to remain focus and be determined that God has done it for you. You must not doubt. According to Hebrews 12:2 which says, you can’t be looking at a desired answered prayer and end up with an undesired result.

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