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Assume we’re residing via the Apocalypse? So did first-century Christians

(RNS) — This time of 12 months, the Scripture readings within the lectionary converse in apocalyptic tones of the tip of the world and the final judgment. These readings are frequent as we method the tip of the liturgical 12 months and the start of a brand new 12 months with Creation.

The readings are typically used to scare folks into repenting from their sins, albeit maybe much less out of true regret than worry of the fires of hell.

In some circles, these scare techniques have gone out of favor. Moderately than scaring folks away from sin, the brand new technique is to draw them to advantage by the love and instance of Christ and his folks.

I choose the attraction technique, but when I must cease somebody from hurting one other, I’m not above scaring the hell out of them.

However what will we do with these Scripture passages forecasting the tip of the world?

Some fundamentalists obsessively examine the passages on the lookout for clues for the tip occasions. There have been folks in each technology because the founding of Christianity who’ve satisfied themselves the tip would occur of their time. They ignored Jesus’ admonition, “As to the day or hour, nobody is aware of it, neither the angels in heaven nor even the Son, however solely the Father” (Mt. 24:36).

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Apocalyptic writers have necessary issues to inform us. They converse to us in poetic symbols on a cosmic scale to point out God’s lordship over each creation and historical past. They drive us to confront earth-shaking disasters like loss of life, conflict, plague and the tip of the world.

If the apocalyptic writers have been alive in the present day, they’d little question draw from the imagery of nuclear conflict, international warming, melting ice caps, falling asteroids and pandemics.

These writers remind us God works not simply in our hearts however in historical past. He cares not nearly our personal private ache but in addition about geo-political crises. He might be current at our loss of life and on the loss of life of our world, whether or not the latter occurs quickly by our personal palms or tens of millions of years from now when the Solar goes nova.

All of that is God’s enterprise.

Modern Christians are typically divided between those that have an optimistic view of the second coming and people who have a pessimistic view.

The Jesuit paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin was an optimist. He believed the world was evolving into the cosmic Christ. As we develop into extra simply and loving, we put together the best way for the Lord. We construct the dominion of God. 

The pessimists imagine we’ll screw up the world so badly via conflict and environmental devastation that the Lord should come to save lots of us. Sin will triumph till his coming. We’re incapable of saving ourselves. 

In my coronary heart, I need to be an optimists, however in my head I’m a pessimist. 

As Christians we reside in expectancy for the approaching of Christ, however with out figuring out when he’ll come — to us personally or to our world. We due to this fact work to make ourselves and the world prepared for his coming via acts of justice and love. We do that despite the fact that we all know we might fail. 

With the COP-26 local weather assembly simply ending, it’s tough to take heed to Scripture’s descriptions of the tip occasions with out connecting them to international warming. Scientists are warning us of apocalyptic calamities if we don’t scale back international warming. Their forecasts help the pessimistic view of the tip occasions — we’re screwing up and want saving.

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Apocalyptic writers converse phrases of warning to the snug and phrases of comfort to the distressed. To the snug, they are saying, “Get up, he’s coming!” To the desolate they are saying, “Have hope, your salvation is at hand!”

However we now have no assure that that is the time Christ will come to save lots of us. We can not sit again and await him to save lots of us. That’s the sin of presumption. 

And if we ourselves result in one thing near the tip occasions due to our sinful destruction of the earth, then we might be topic to the judgment of Christ.

Sure, I hope I’m scaring the hell out of you.

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