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The tragedy of Halloween

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The weird preoccupation with Halloween exhibits no signal of abating. Certainly, the passion with which some retailers are advertising this celebration of evil, loss of life and the occult means that their homeowners are banking on big gross sales of pumpkins, masks and witches’ hats.

Many issues have been raised regarding Halloween through the years and the 2 commonest are that Halloween encourages dabbling with the occult and that it celebrates evil. Each are true however let me add one other: Halloween raises huge questions however solely offers lies as solutions.

That is critical as a result of the questions are about necessary points and most people concerned in Halloween are youngsters. What our kids are taught at present will have an effect on how our adults behave tomorrow and there are 4 huge lies that Halloween perpetuates.

The primary lie is that evil is exterior. Halloween promotes a bunch of ‘evil creatures’ who will probably be banging on doorways – characters clothed with synthetic scars, pretend tooth, claws and artificial gore. What all this says is that evil is threatening however that it’s one thing that’s exterior what we’re. The truth is that whereas there may be an exterior evil and kids do have to be advised that genuinely nasty characters do exist on the market within the huge huge world, the actually harmful evil comes not from exterior however from inside. Jesus himself mentioned, ‘For out of the center come evil ideas – homicide, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander’ (Matthew 15:19). It is not simply them on the market we have to fear about, it is us.

The second lie is that evil is ugly. The most effective Halloween costumes are usually thought-about to be the scariest and ugliest. The message is which you can recognise evil as a result of evil individuals look ugly. There are two issues with this. One is that it’s terribly offensive to these individuals who endure real disfigurements. Ugliness does not equal nastiness. The larger drawback is that probably the most harmful type of evil is exactly that which seems wrapped up in a pleasant bundle. In truth, the Bible tells us that ‘Devil himself masquerades as an angel of sunshine’ (2 Corinthians 11:14). Fraudsters, corrupt bankers and seducers of every kind specialize in trying good.

The third lie is that evil is trivial. Many youngsters are advised at Halloween that even the scariest determine on the door is just an strange individual dressed as much as look horrible. We are saying that there’s, in actuality, ‘nothing to fret about’. Nicely, I am afraid that is not true. The Bible, frequent sense and historical past all educate us that evil is a critical matter. Whoever does evil does actual harm, not simply to their victims but additionally to their very own souls. To do evil is to stroll alongside a path that leads away from God and in the direction of destruction. And for all of the pretend skeletons on view at the moment of yr, loss of life isn’t any joke!

The fourth lie is that evil is undefeatable. Nowhere in Halloween is there any sense that evil needs to be combated and may be defeated. The useless stay useless and the occult powers dwell to scare one other day. Those that knock on our doorways of their creepy costumes accomplish that assured that their calls for will probably be met and they are going to be given one thing.

The refined lesson that Halloween teaches right here is that every one you are able to do with evil, loss of life and the occult powers is to appease them by making an providing to them and hoping that they’ll go away. How completely different is the Bible’s perspective that we’re to withstand the satan (James 4:7).

How rather more encouraging is the excellent news that, on the cross, Jesus defeated all of the powers of evil. ‘And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross’ (Colossians 2:15).

The frequent criticism of Halloween is that it raises darkish and troubling issues. That, truly, will not be the actual drawback. Questions corresponding to ‘What does occur after loss of life?’ ‘The place does evil come from?’ and ‘Who – or what – finally runs the universe?’ have to be requested. The tragedy is that having raised these questions, the one solutions Halloween offers are lies. Our kids deserve higher and extra trustworthy solutions. So let’s elevate these questions and reply them.

In the interim allow us to pray as Christ Jesus taught us: ‘Lead us not into temptation, however ship us from evil.’

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