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The legacy of the Flood and the legacy of Shem

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Jewish tutorial and Hebrew scholar Irene Lancaster explains why it’s the legacy of Shem that’s so essential at the moment.

The ten generations from Adam to Noah comply with a downward spiral. Adam falls. Cain murders his brother. However folks do not study from their errors. So, on this week’s Parsha of Noah, G-d decides to wipe out the earth. The exceptions are Noah himself, Noah’s household and sufficient animals to replenish the earth after the approaching destruction.

On this event, the shape taken by the destruction is Flood. Later, the earth will expertise fireplace, battle, famine, and what now we have all skilled within the final three years, plague. Generally all these modes of destruction come collectively, however on this event, Flood alone is the chosen mode.

After the flood, which Noah, his household and the animals survive, we hear concerning the 70 nations of the world, all descended from Noah. G-d sends the signal of G-d’s pledge by means of the rainbow ‘to the generations ceaselessly’ (Genesis 9:12). The world won’t ever once more be destroyed by flood.

Nevertheless the Hebrew phrase for ‘generations’ (dorot) is spelled defectively with a purpose to reveal that G-d is conscious that future generations will not be as much as scratch, as a warning for the longer term.

There follows an inventory of all Noah’s descendants from his three youngsters, Ham, Shem and Jafet. Nimrod, the warrior, whose identify truly means ‘insurgent’, stems from the household of Canaan, son of Ham.

Chapter 11 opens with the assertion that ‘the entire earth was of 1 language and customary goal’. This contrasts with Genesis 10:5 during which the nations of the world have been separated ‘every in response to their language, households and nations’.

So, the try to unify your entire world into some sort of totalitarian gigantic State seems to go towards the pure order of issues. In line with rabbinic commentary, Nimrod, son of Canaan, son of Ham, based mostly in what’s now Iraq, plans to construct a tower ascending to Heaven, from the place to wage battle towards G-d Himself.

The Flood had just lately come as a warning and worn out your entire world bar one household. And but Nimrod and his followers dismiss this signal as merely a fluke that will not occur once more, by which period their ‘battle’ with G-d may have been gained.

G-d subsequently ‘descends’ from on excessive and ‘disperses’ the folks everywhere in the earth. The grandiose constructing scheme is stopped as soon as and for all.

‘That is why it was referred to as Babel, as a result of it was there that the Lord confused (ballal) the language of your entire earth.’ (Genesis 11: 5-9).

We then study the names of the household of Shem, which in Hebrew means ‘identify’. Ham’s household, Nimrod and his abettors wish to make a ‘identify ‘ for themselves (Genesis 11:4) by constructing castles within the air within the type of the Tower of Confusion.

However on the finish of the day, it’s the household of Shem who will carry G-d’s phrase to the world within the individual of Abraham, the topic of the next Torah studying. However with a purpose to do that, Abraham has to depart all the pieces he is aware of. The Flood itself was not sufficient to stem the tide of the forces of evil on this planet, and self-imposed Exile is the one manner.

All this have to be related to our personal day. For 3 years the world has skilled a plague, now adopted by battle. Now we have been by means of quite a lot of political leaders. Now we have skilled anarchic conditions during which actual management has been briefly provide. Extraordinary folks have been pushed from pillar to put up. We do not know what’s going to develop into of meals sources, power, costs and different materials staples. Life as now we have identified it can by no means be the identical once more and any certainties we could have had previously are not any extra.

Allow us to hope that governments now begin to focus on the small issues of life by renouncing all delusions of grandeur and castles within the air. Aspiration is one factor, however bare ambition is misplaced and now we have been warned.

The best way we deal with others is paramount and the prime instructing of Shem, precursor of Abraham. In distinction to Nimrod, Abraham concentrates on the little issues of life, all within the identify of the one G-d. The legacy of Abraham is a folks and a nation dedicated to G-d.

In distinction to Nimrod and historic Babylon, Abraham’s legacy and nation are nonetheless with us, seemingly detached to the slings and arrows hurled at them by the powers and principalities of this world.

And it’s this legacy of Shem that’s so essential at the moment: a brand new yr, a brand new begin, a brand new creation.

For, our accompanying Haftorah this week, taken from Isaiah 54:1-55:5 states the next assurance:

‘For the mountains could also be moved and the hills could falter, however My loving kindness shall not be faraway from you, nor shall My covenant of peace falter, says the Lord, the Merciful One.’

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