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The Cry of the Hungry and Thirsty – A New Perspective on Private Adversity

What occurs to us, as Christ seekers, when ailing winds of adversity whip round us?

The cry of the guts….“We’d see Jesus.”  (John 12:21 KJV)

The cry of the hungry and thirsty…a cry that typically can’t be recognized. Some nebulous one thing or different.

But, more often than not, those that cry out don’t even know they’re looking, for, they (we) try and fill that void in our lives by pursuing all kinds of different issues.

However what occurs to us, as Christ seekers, when these ailing winds of adversity whip round us? Many occasions, we crumble.

Cries could be heard within the wilderness. We cry out in our starvation and thirst. We discover no consolation, no peace.

And but, typically, the Lord allures, persuades, and attracts His folks into wilderness valleys. Hosea stated, “Due to this fact, behold, I’ll attract her, will deliver her into the wilderness, and converse consolation to her. I’ll give her vineyards from there, and the Valley of Achor as a door of hope; she shall sing there.” (Hosea 2:14-15a NKJV)

The one phrase used within the Outdated Testomony for wilderness is midbar. It doesn’t imply a sandy desert; it means a pasture (as an open area, the place cattle are pushed) and implies the which means of a desert as a abandoned place. It additionally means speech and comes from a phrase which means to talk.

Wilderness is a lonely, uninhabited wasteland, but, a spot the place God will draw you with the intention to converse to you. The place you might be set aside from the madding crowd.

To a spot stuffed with His presence.

A spot the place He’ll converse consolation to you.

Within the Hosea verse, consolation (or comfortably) really means coronary heart and likewise means converse right into a coronary heart tenderly, pleasant, and comfortably.

So there, within the midst of your heartache, your afflictions, your trials, He’ll converse tender consolation to your coronary heart and produce forth vineyards from the Valley of Achor, which means the valley of hassle.

Vineyards, as a fertile place, a spot of development in circumstances, a spot to glean a harvest, that is the place Jesus will meet you. And you’ll sing there, as Hosea stated.

The Hebrew phrase for sing means ‘to heed, to concentrate, to reply, to start to talk, particularly to sing, shout, testify, announce.

In order that which causes affliction, because the valley of troubles, can be an entrance, a gateway to hope, as a wire of expectancy.

Oh, to see Jesus once we are in that lonely wasteland of hopelessness, to stroll with Him there, to listen to Him converse consolation to our discouraged soul, that we might take note of His voice. And there, we are going to discover our vineyards, as sustenance, provide, and development, in Him.

Our hope is renewed in Him. And we sing His praises, for that which had been a supply of calamity has change into a supply of redemption and blessing.

A valley of hassle. An odd place to seek out vineyards, isn’t it? However it’s God’s doing.

“This was the Lord’s doing; it’s marvelous in our eyes. (Psalm 118:23 NKJV)

Sure, God is aware of your want when you’re in that wilderness expertise. He is aware of how lengthy you’re to remain there and simply what you want when you’re there. Primarily, you want Him.

And Jesus is there to stroll you thru the wilderness and to deliver you out of it.

The cry of the hungry and thirsty? Sure…

We’d see Jesus.” (John 12:21 KJV)

By Lynn Mosher
Utilized by Permission

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