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Tears of Repentance and Forgiveness

Instantly the rooster crowed the second time. Then Peter remembered the phrase Jesus had spoken to him: “Earlier than the rooster crows twice you’ll disown me thrice.” And he broke down and wept.” Mark 14:72

So long as Peter lived, a fountain of tears started to circulation at any time when he remembered how he denied his Lord. It’s not unlikely that it was so, for his sin was very nice, and charm granted to him afterwards was even larger.

This identical expertise is widespread to all of God’s youngsters, in keeping with the diploma the Holy Spirit has eliminated your pure coronary heart of stone. We, like Peter, bear in mind our boastful guarantees: “Even when everybody else deserts you, I’ll by no means desert you.” (Matthew 26:33, NLT) We eat our personal phrases with the bitter herbs of repentance. After we consider how we promised we might act, and the way typically in overt or refined methods, we have now denied our Lord, we could weep entire showers of grief.

Peter should have contemplated, at size, his denial of his Lord. The place wherein he did it, the explanations that led him into such heinous sin, the lies and blasphemies he uttered, and the dreadful hardness of coronary heart which drove him to take action once more and but once more. How can we, after we are reminded of our misdeeds, and their exceeding sinfulness, stay detached and cussed? Shouldn’t we repent of our sin, and cry to the Lord for renewed assurances of His pardoning love? Might we by no means take a dry-eyed have a look at sin. Doing so threatens us on a harmful and lonely path, with a tongue parched within the flames of hell.

However Peter should even have thought of his Grasp’s look of affection. The Lord adopted up the rooster’s warning voice with an cautioning look of sorrow, pity, and love. That look was by no means out of Peter’s thoughts as long as he lived. It was way more effectual than ten thousand sermons would have been with out the Holy Spirit. The regretful apostle would make sure you weep when he recollected the Savior’s full forgiveness, which restored him to his former place. (John 21:15-19)

To assume that we have now offended so variety and good a Lord is greater than enough motive for being fixed weepers, each out of sorrowful repentance and on the identical time joyful, grateful forgiveness. Lord, smite our rocky hearts, and make the waters circulation.

By Charles H Spurgeon
Utilized by Permission
Up to date to trendy English by Darren Hewer, 2009.

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