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Sitting on the Fence – A Devotional by Katherine Kehler

Selected you at the present time, whom you’ll serveJoshua 24:15

“I’ve determined that sitting on the fence isn’t a God factor,” I instructed my household.

In actual life on a regular basis conditions, a lot evil has continued as a result of individuals are afraid to take a stand. Oh, they could take a stand in non-public conversations however few will voice their views in public. They’re afraid they could be rejected.

I’ve been there. Generally I’m a coward and typically I’m courageous. Generally I discover that others are cowards. Generally they’re courageous.

There have been instances after I ought to have publicly supported somebody who was proper, however I didn’t. We have to take a look at rumors or gossip. There have been instances after I wished somebody could be courageous sufficient to voice their assist for me, however they didn’t. Standing with somebody who’s assumed responsible may imply rejection, the lack of a job, a lack of credibility or extra (within the sight of males, not God). I’m positive you’ve got been there too.

Recently I’ve realized the significance of standing up for what is true and publicly supporting others who’re proper. Sitting on the fence or being impartial isn’t a Godly attribute.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Civil Rights Chief), mentioned so aptly, “Our lives start to finish the day we turn out to be silent about issues that matter.

Jesus positively spoke up. He was not a coward!

Father, You’ve got proven me how usually I’ve been a coward. Please forgive me. Make us daring and brave followers of You. Assist us take a public stand in opposition to what’s fallacious. Assist us to be keen to pay the value. Jesus did. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler
Utilized by Permission

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