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Pope Francis’ large gamble: The synod on synodality

(RNS) — Pope Francis’ Synod on Synodality, which is able to happen in October 2023, is the best gamble of this papacy. It could achieve bringing better unity to the church, or it might lead to better battle and division.

Synods beneath Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI had been stage-managed affairs, the place the agenda and debate had been fastidiously managed. Curial cardinals instructed the gathered bishops what matters couldn’t be introduced up or mentioned.

Though the aim of the synod was to advise the pope, audio system spent most of their time quoting the pope to himself: “As you so splendidly stated … ”

Fairly than advising the pope, the synod was a possibility for the bishops to indicate their loyalty to the pope and his instructing.

Francis broke this custom in his first synod in 2014, the Synod on the Household, the place he inspired the members to “communicate boldly” and never fear about how folks reacted to their phrases. It’s arduous to overestimate how extraordinary this was. Francis could have gotten greater than he bargained for, as bishops not solely disagreed with each other but in addition criticized the pope, one thing no bishop would have dared do beneath earlier papacies.

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The heavy-handed censorship of earlier, extra conservative papacies resulted in pent-up frustrations amongst those that needed to proceed the reforms begun on the Second Vatican Council. Conservatives, in the meantime, felt a way of entitlement, assured that the Vatican supported their views. This allowed conservatives to criticize progressives as being unorthodox and disloyal to the pope.

All this modified beneath Francis. Instantly, conservatives noticed a papacy doing issues they didn’t like, saying issues that they thought of unorthodox. Those that had prided themselves on loyalty to the papacy immediately started attacking it. They proved loyal solely when the papacy agreed with them. On this, they had been no completely different from the progressives beneath john Paul or Benedict.

Progressives greeted Francis with pleasure as he inspired open dialogue and burdened compassion and concern for the marginalized. However whereas Francis has criticized clericalism, he has not embraced the progressive push for married clergymen and ladies clergymen. Whereas he has proven openness to LGBTQ folks, he has not modified the church’s instructing on sexual ethics. Nor has he reversed the condemnation of synthetic contraception.

Progressives are getting impatient.

Because the synodal course of has progressed, conservatives have overtly expressed concern whereas progressives loudly voice their needs. Each side have used the synodal course of to push their agendas.

Francis has pushed again on what he phrases “politicizing” the synodal course of. He stresses that the synodal course of starting in parishes and dioceses needs to be a time of prayer, listening and discernment, not a time for pushing agendas. It’s about consensus constructing and discovering God’s will, not mobilizing supporters to get a majority vote to your agenda.

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For Francis, you would possibly say that the synodal course of is extra essential than the outcomes. For People, who’re outcome oriented, that is unintelligible. Francis sees the expertise of prayer, listening and discernment as a means of therapeutic divisions and constructing the Christian group. If we’re not true to the method, the outcomes are meaningless. 

Conservatives are too fearful and progressives are too impatient for such a course of. St. Ignatius Loyola would say that they lack “indifference,” that means that they’re too connected to their very own views to be open to God’s will.

Will the synodal course of work? Will it assist heal divisions within the church and foster a group that may unfold the gospel, look after the marginalized and heal the Earth? Or will it blow up and present the world how divided we Catholics are?

As a social scientist, I’m pessimistic, however I hope and pray that Francis as soon as once more surprises us.

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