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Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 9/22

With at the moment’s equinox, Lord,
    the summer season of your grace provides approach
        to an autumn of latest grace…

And what, in my life,
    what would possibly that grace be? 
Days have begun to shorten 
    and the evening time now grows longer,
day by shorter day, evening by longer evening,
    robbing us of daylight’s heat
    ’til winter bows
    and hope of spring returns…

Lead me by means of life’s modifications
    as you stroll me by means of the seasons, Lord…

Assist me treasure every day’s mild
    as sundown ushers within the night..

Educate me endurance with earth’s seasons
and endurance with the seasons of my life…
Let falling leaves a carpet lay
    ’til bushes develop inexperienced once more
and lightweight and heat ultimately return:
    the grace of change, a present from you,
    your presence ever new,
    in summer season, fall, winter, spring
    in each season, each change,
    your grace and peace revealed…





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