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Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 8/24

I am considering, Lord, of all of the methods my life is 
touched, bruised, blessed, formed and adjusted
    by household and by buddies,
    by strangers passing by,
    by grudges and resentments,

    by others’ smiles and tears,

    by consideration and neglect,
    by a beneficiant serving to hand,
    by an understanding look,
    by gentleness and harshness,
    by compassion and indifference,
    by an understanding look or gaze,
    by the smallest deed of kindness
        achieved in secret and with love…

All of which causes me to marvel, 
how does my life, Lord,
contact, bruise, bless, form and alter the lives
    of my household and my buddies,
    of strangers passing by,
    of these I dwell and work with,
        these entrusted to my care,
    of those that serve my wants,
    of these I disagree with,
    of those that most annoy me,
    of those that raise me up,
    of those that want my assist,
    of these whom I’ve offended…
How does my life, Lord,
contact, bruise, bless, form and alter the lives

of those that wait for the way my life would possibly
    contact and bless and form and alter them,
would possibly calm and heal and mend and free
    somebody in want, somebody alone,
    a troubled soul, a damaged coronary heart,
    somebody ignored, deserted, shunned,
    somebody with presents who desires to share,
a brother, sister, stranger, pal
    who waits, like me, for another person
    to the touch and bless, form and alter
    the life we have every been given…
Somebody who waits like me, Lord,
    for the smallest deed of kindness
    achieved in secret and with love…

Assist us be light, Lord, in all of the methods our lives 
    contact, brush, grace and bless
        the lives of these round us…





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