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Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/18

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On darkish and cloudy days, Lord,
    shine your gentle to information my steps…

Be the sunshine that burns inside me,
   in my corners of confusion…

Be the sunshine upon my path
   to indicate the best way when I’m misplaced…

Be a lightweight to go looking me out
   once I’m all huddled within the shadows…
Draw me out of my very own darkness, Lord.
   into your gentle of peace…

Be the noon solar and share with me
  the heat of your embrace…

Be the complete moon’s gentle in my night time skies,
   to glow in all my goals…

And be my gentle of shining knowledge
   once I’m silly in my ideas….

Be the lighthouse of my hope, Lord,
   once I’m misplaced, alone, at sea…

Once I want the darkness
    or shut my eyes in worry
then shine your gentle upon me, Lord,
   and give me power of coronary heart…
Brighten the darkness round me, Lord:
illumine the darkness inside me, 
shine by the darkness that hides me,
burn within the darkness that chills me, 
shimmer within the darkness that dulls me,
gleam within the darkness that shrouds me,
sparkle within the darkness that clouds my hope…

Draw me out of my very own darkness, Lord,
   into the sunshine that by no means dims…





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