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Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/11


Gracious God,

All good items come out of your hand,
into our clumsy grasp
you entrust the valuable realities
of life, justice and peace.

We keep in mind this present day
    how fragile is the present of peace,
    how susceptible we’re
    in one another’s palms.

We keep in mind those that died
and people who mourn their loss…

We keep in mind these whose braveness
gave us a brand new mannequin for bravery…

We keep in mind those that gave their lives
of their selfless efforts to avoid wasting others…

We do not forget that day, that sunny morning
when the borders of our nation had been pierced,

to the depths of our hearts…

We keep in mind, Lord, and we pray
for the therapeutic and peace we lengthy for,

the therapeutic and peace you name us to share…

Convey us to the day, O God,
when struggle is however a reminiscence

and peace our lifestyle…

Convey us to the day, O God,
when the harvest of justice
will nourish the individuals of all nations…

Hasten the appearance of that day, O God
and let our pleasure not stand in its method… 

Give us peace, O God,
the peace for which we pray,
the peace for which we plead,
the peace that is solely yours to offer…

If a video doesn’t seem under, click here!
When Sudden Terror Tears Aside by Carl Daw

When sudden terror tears aside
the world we thought was ours,
we discover how fragile power may be,
how restricted our powers.

As tower and fortress fall, we watch
with disbelieving stare
and numbly hear the anguished cries
that pierce the ash-filled air.

But most of all we're conscious
of vacancy and void:
of lives reduce quick, of buildings razed,
of confidence destroyed.

From this abyss of doubt and concern
we grope for phrases to hope,
and listen to our stammering tongues embrace
a timeless Kyrie.

Have mercy, Lord, give power and peace,
and make our braveness nice;
restrain our urge to hunt revenge,
to show our harm to hate.

Assist us to know your steadfast love,
your presence close to as breath;
rekindle in our hearts the hope
of life that conquers demise.
Rev. Carl P. Daw, Jr. wrote this hymn to commemorate the terrorist assault on the World Commerce 
Middle towers and the Pentagon September 11, 2001. 
(Hope Publishing Co.)




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