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Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 11/6

You know the entire of the day forward
but it surely’s nonetheless a thriller to me, Lord….
It is all of the unknown that will get to me
and since I am so gradual to belief
    1) I will fear and fret
            about issues I do not know…
    2) I will conceal from issues
            that I needn’t concern…
    3) and I will second-guess
            all I say and do…
What a approach to waste a day, Lord!
A day that you’ve got made,
    your present to me…
So I pray for the religion I would like, Lord: 
    to just accept at the present time because it comes my means,     
    to face at the present time along with your grace my power,    
    to stay at the present time in hope, with belief
        that the thriller is protected in your fingers…





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