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Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 11/21

At the moment, Lord,
we honor you as King,
a title you by no means requested for
or needed…

There are such a lot of issues, Lord, ruling our lives
and a few of them are, properly, a lot lower than royal:  
    greed and envy,
    hate and delight,
    selfishness and spite,
    lust and laziness,
    prejudice and worry…

The checklist of our sovereigns is lengthy, Lord,
and sometimes we’re blind to the facility they wield
    on our ideas and wishes,
    our selections and selections,
    our hearts and our lives…

So, rule along with your love in our lives, Lord,
    rule along with your phrase of peace,
    rule along with your regulation of affection
    and rule with the mercy that crowns your coronary heart…

Let your rule over us be
    mild and robust,
    consoling and agency,
    forgiving and difficult,
    joyful and sensible…

Rule in our hearts, Lord,
reign in our lives
and crown us, your personal,
along with your glory…






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