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Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/30

Whether or not you may be donning masks and costume and going out
trick-or-treating – or not: this prayer may be useful earlier than 
and even lengthy after Halloween…

assist me fear not a lot
in regards to the on a regular basis costumes
I don every time I costume…

Garments do not make a person
and garments do not make a lady:
it is how my coronary heart is dressed
that makes me who I’m…

Assist me take off the costumes 
that cover my truest self: 
    pleasure and false humility, 
    authority and information,  
    pretended self-assurance     
    and bravado and self-pity...
Assist me take off all my masks, Lord,
those I put on to cover
from others and from you 
– and even from my very self,
the individual you created me to be…

Assist me take off all my masks, Lord,
to disclose my fears and tears, 
my fear and anxiousness,
my ache and disappointment, 
my doubt and my confusion
my hidden religion and power,
my human price and worth, 
my perception and belief in you
and my need to be liked 
In different phrases…
the true face of my coronary heart, unmasked,
my soul laid naked for therapeutic:
    the individual you created,
    in your picture, Lord, divine…

Assist me discover the hidden magnificence
‘neath the costumes and the masks
worn by individuals throughout me 
  – starting with myself – 
and assist me, Lord, to seek out and love 
your face, unmasked, 
in everybody I meet and know…


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