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Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 11/25

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The day after Thanksgiving…
Forgive us, Lord,
    for yesterday’s over-indulgence 
and educate us at the similar time
    not to waste what’s ours in abundance 
or hoard the products  
    that others want a lot…

As we plan and store for Christmas 
make us grateful for the bounty
    we already depend as ours
and conscious of the wants
    of our neighbors close to and much…

Tempt us to be beneficiant 

    with open hearts and wallets 
to those that actually want a share 
    of all we have now aplenty, 
    of all that is ours to share…

Assist us discover the deeper which means 
within the days that lie forward:
    what’s holy, therapeutic, useful,
    what makes us actually glad
        within the reward you might be for us
        and in our giving of ourselves…





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