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NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 1/20

This appears to occur to extra increasingly usually, Lord:
    I will be in a bunch of individuals and all of the sudden bear in mind
   of how every particular person is a dwelling, respiratory library 
        of tales, fiction and non-fiction;
        of historical past, inherited and lived;
        of science, settled and evolving;
        of artwork work, classical and trendy;
        of poetry, rhymed and flowing free verse;
        of biographies, full and nonetheless in progress;
        and of reference works, previous and up-to-date…
Preserve me from judging books by their covers
    and folks by their coloration, creed and circumstances…
Preserve me in awe of the tragedy every human story holds
    – and the journey tales, the comedy, the science,
        the historical past and the thriller printed on the pages
            that fill every human coronary heart…
Preserve me aware, Lord, of the hundreds of thousands of pages
    and hundreds of chapters in every particular person’s life
and of how way more there may be to learn
    – even within the lives of these I really like and know the most effective…
Solely the entire story every of us lives, Lord,
    and solely all of the tales behind our tales;
solely you actually perceive and comprehend  
    the whole lot our tales maintain and the way every one will finish;
and solely you, Lord, have the knowledge time and curiosity
    to learn every phrase on each web page in each chapter of our lives…

In your mercy, 
    Lord, assist me settle for that story that is mine;
in your gentle, 
    assist me edit what wants correction;
and along with your Spirit’s grace 
    assist me make your story mine…

Defend me, Lord, whereas I am awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I’d hold watch with you
and asleep relaxation in your peace…



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