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Realizing Jesus’ Voice – A Devotional by Suzanne Benner

“My sheep hearken to my voice; I do know them, and so they observe me.” John 10:27

Earlier than the invention of name show, you might determine some voices on the phone by a single phrase. Familiarity permits us to acknowledge sure individuals immediately.

In the identical means, utilizing a narrative about sheep, Jesus says we will know His voice. Those that know Jesus’ voice, hearken to Him and observe Him.

In John chapter 10,Jesus describes Himself as a shepherd and folks as sheep:

• His sheep hearken to His voice (10:3)

• He calls His personal sheep by title (10:3)

• His sheep observe Him as a result of they know His voice (10:4)

• He is aware of His sheep (10:14) • His sheep know Him (10:14)

• His sheep hearken to His voice (10:16)

We are able to know God’s voice.

God reveals Himself by means of His Phrase. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, laid down His life for us — the sheep (John 10:14-15). Once we give up to Jesus and belief Him as our Savior, we all know Him and we all know His voice.

Followers of Jesus hearken to God’s voice.

Identical to sheep hearken to their shepherd, believers hearken to what God says. And listening to is implied in listening. Not solely can we all know God’s voice, we will hear Him communicate! God speaks to our hearts by means of His Phrase, with the quiet whisper of His Spirit to our spirits, by means of our consciences, by means of sensible recommendation, and even circumstances.

Listening to Jesus means doing what He says and going the place He goes.

Followers pay attention and listeners observe. The 2 actions go hand in hand.

Heavenly Father, thanks for this unbelievable fact: that I can know your voice. I wish to observe you, so assist me to pay attention and reply to every part you say. Amen.

By Suzanne Benner
Utilized by Permission

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