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Do You Need Change? – A Devotional by Julie Cosgrove

If change bothers you, look to the One who by no means adjustments. Solely issues which are everlasting stay the identical

“I the Lord don’t change”  Malachi 3:6

The register rang up $19.98. I handed the cashier a $20 invoice. She requested, “Would you like change?”
I smiled. “Probably not, however nothing stays the identical does it?” We each laughed.

Oh, how we hate change…
Isn’t it unusual that we so tremendously resist, even dislike, change when life on earth is all the time altering?

Infants develop into toddlers, then to children, then to teenagers, and hopefully into competent adults. Even then, our our bodies proceed to vary. Our metabolism slows, our pores and skin wrinkles, our bellies widen. Our joints ache, and our stamina lessens.

The seasons change, proper? Temperatures dip, leaves flip colours, and rains pound, then perhaps snow falls. Temps rise and the squiggly miraging warmth on the pavement make us wilt and dream of cool streams and sandy seashores.

The moon waxes and wanes, tides ebb and circulate, and rivers slowly carve out a brand new course. Flowers bloom, then wilt. Seeds push by means of the bottom and develop into vegetation. Caterpillars flip into butterflies.

Political beliefs change. Social requirements change. Fashions change. So do relationships, friendships, and the need to maintain vows.

And nonetheless we resist…

If change bothers you, look to the One who by no means adjustments. Solely issues which are everlasting stay the identical:

God’s love
God’s grace
God’s mercy
Christ’s dying that eradicates confessed sins.
The Holy Spirit’s steerage.

If you search the issues everlasting and set your thoughts on the issues which are above as a substitute of earthly issues, as Paul states in Colossians 3:2, you’ll change. Sorry, nevertheless it’s true. And that’s okay.

You may be much less burdened. Much less anxious. Much less swayed by emotional ups and downs. Calmer, extra at peace, and joyful. Issues may have a constructive reflection as a substitute of a adverse affect. Your posture might be extra upright and your step lighter. Your burden will appear much less heavy. Individuals might even react to you in another way.
Would you like change?

By Julie Cosgrove
Utilized by Permission

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