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Did COVID-tide wreck church life and attendance? — GetReligion

Belief me on this: We haven’t even began the method of asking essential questions on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected life in conventional spiritual establishments and congregations.

Logically sufficient, which means we haven’t even began looking for solutions to these questions in surveys and statistics. A few of these solutions might solely be seen in hindsight, method sooner or later.

However you need to begin someplace. The objective of this “assume piece” publish is to level readers to an thought frightening essay on the web site of The Gospel Coalition by political scientist and GetReligion contributor Ryan Burge. The headline there: “Did the Pandemic Wreck the Church?

Earlier than we go there, let me remind readers of a associated query that I requested earlier this week on the finish of this publish: “Ask this: Why did many flocks survive or thrive in pandemic, while others were hit hard?” I used to be reacting to this passage in an Associated Press report:

… A September survey of 1,000 protestant pastors by the evangelical agency Lifeway Analysis discovered about half of congregations acquired roughly what they budgeted for final 12 months, with 27% getting lower than anticipated and 22% getting extra.

So the pandemic did not crash everybody, by way of church life. Thus, I requested:

What church buildings managed to develop? Have been there church-growth consultants with any theories as to why this occurred?

My predictions: Search for youngsters and converts.

Burge is responding to non secular leaders who’re being tempted to imagine that every thing was going positive — till that complete COVID-tide factor.

Right here is his overture:

What impact will the coronavirus pandemic have on the way forward for American faith? Our nation has not seen such a radical and abrupt shift in conduct within the final hundred years. All of the sudden virtually all church buildings, mosques, and synagogues within the U.S. suspended congregational conferences.

There’s ample purpose to consider this will have had a galvanizing impact on American faith. There’s little question that many used the primary few weeks of lockdown to significantly ponder their happiness, their religion and the way they wish to dwell their lives. Possibly some acknowledged a non secular void and yearned to return to worship.

Alternatively, others might have stopped attending church for the primary time of their lives and located that they didn’t miss having a church residence.

Whereas it’s nonetheless far too early to declare whether or not the pandemic led to a widespread defection from America’s homes of worship, preliminary survey outcomes don’t appear to indicate a dramatic rise within the share of people that declare no spiritual affiliation (“nones”).

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