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As You – A Devotional by Roy Lessin

As You

As you lean upon the Lord, lean trustingly.
As you name upon the Lord, name confidently.

As you wait upon the Lord, wait quietly.
As you rely upon the Lord, rely fully.

As you solid your cares upon the Lord, don’t take them again.
As you look upon the Lord, you will notice the face of a caring Father.

As you decide, have His approval.
As you hear God’s voice, pay attention along with your coronary heart.

As you abide within the vine, you gained’t produce bitter grapes.
Because the deer pants for water, let righteousness create your thirst.

As you ask God for assist, know the way helpless you actually are.
As you ask God to weed the backyard of your coronary heart, permit Him to drag up the roots.

As you use your arms to serve the Lord, moisten them with the lotion of pleasure.
As you pray, communicate as a baby, not as an orator.

The clever will hear and improve their studying, And the particular person of understanding will purchase clever counsel and the ability [to steer his course wisely and lead others to the truth], Proverbs 1:5 AMP

By Roy Lessin
Utilized by Permission

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