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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: Pause for Prayer: THANKSGIVING 2022


TWO prayers this morning!


1) Undecided tips on how to pray, what to say, earlier than dinner right this moment? This is a Grace Earlier than Thanksgiving Day Dinner…

2) Are you lacking a liked one who’s not at your Thanksgiving desk?  I am posting once more my Prayer at an Empty Chair for these whose hearts bear some measure of grief right this moment. You may need to use this as your Grace Earlier than Dinner…

Grace Earlier than Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation!   

By your goodness  we now have a lot
    for which to offer you thanks and reward…

Make us grateful for all you’ve got given us;
    could our need for having extra (and extra)
    not blind us to all we now have…

Make us grateful for all who love us:
    could no grudge or anger hold us distant
    from household and pals,
    neighbors and colleagues… 

Make us grateful for individuals who are with us:
    could no resentment isolate us
    from their loving embrace…

Make us grateful for the nice work we have executed:
    could our errors and failures
    not weigh us down or blind us to your mercy… 

Make us grateful for the liberty we take pleasure in:
    could we by no means take it without any consideration…

Make us grateful for the peace we discover in you:
    let no different trigger or victory take its place…

Make us grateful for our goals:
    let no disappointment hold us from hope… 

Make us grateful for our religion in you:
    let little question cloud our trusting in your love…

Make us grateful
    for the meal we’re about to share
and conscious
    of any and all who’ve a lot much less… 

Nourish and strengthen us
    to alter what retains so many hungry
whereas others, like ourselves,
    have way more than we’ll ever want…

Give us grateful hearts, O God,
to reward and thanks:
    in good instances and in dangerous,
    in illness and in well being,
    in loads and in need,
    in sorrow and in pleasure…

That is the day that you simply made, Lord:
    allow us to be glad and rejoice in it
    and offer you thanks and reward! 


 Praying with an empty chair on the desk…


This Thanksgiving,

there’ll be an empty
chair at our desk,

an ache in our hearts 

and tears on our cheeks…

We would strive – and even
succeed –

in shielding our
grief from others

– however we can’t disguise from

So, we pray for (title
your family members)

whose loving presence
we’ll miss

at this homecoming

Assist us bear in mind and
inform once more the tales

of all we
with the one(s)

we miss
a lot…

Open our hearts to
joyful reminiscences

of the instances and love
we knew

with those that’ve
gone earlier than us…

And along with your light contact, Lord,
easy and mend any ragged, damaged edges
nonetheless in want of your merciful therapeutic…

Could the bonds you
solid develop stronger

in our remembering

who’ve now gone residence
to you…

Assist us belief, in

that these we miss a lot
now have a spot in your
coronary heart

and a seat at your
desk in heaven…

Deepen and strengthen
our hope

that sooner or later we’ll see
them as soon as once more

and luxuriate in their
firm and love…

Train us, Lord, to
lean on these round us

for the assistance and
help we want

when our spirits flag
and fail us…

Open our hearts and
souls, Lord,

to the heat of your

inside us and amongst

Be with us to console
us and,

simply as you embrace
those we miss,

    maintain us, too, alongside
with them,

        in your eternal

Give every of us some quiet time right this moment,
time to share with

to share our reminiscences and our

our emotions, ideas, and tears…

Even in our grief assist us bear in mind, Lord,
    this is
the day that you’ve made!

Assist us discover and rejoice 

the peace you’ve got promised us,

the peace we pray you
share even now

    with those that’ve
gone earlier than us…

We pray then, Lord,
for all who know

    the burdens today

we belief you will hear
and reply us

    who offer you thanks
and reward…










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