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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 12/11

That is Gaudete Sunday on the Church calendar, a day to rejoice that we’re half-way by means of Introduction and that a lot nearer to Christmas.  Rejoice…  Pleasure might be elusive… So if pleasure’s not proper at hand in the present day, maybe I can faucet my coronary heart to recollect joys forgotten…

I used to be watching some kids play, Lord,

they usually had been having a very good time collectively:

    nothing particular or out of the atypical,

    simply children enjoying collectively,

    children being children,

    as solely children might be…

As I watched, I puzzled, Lord,

    would they keep in mind the enjoyment of that second

    tomorrow…  subsequent week or subsequent month…

    subsequent 12 months or years from now…

And I requested myself:

    what number of moments of carefree play,

    what number of moments of pleasure have I recognized

        -but lengthy since then forgotten?


What number of peaceable occasions

    are filed deep in my recollections, Lord, 

        not precisely misplaced however now past my attain?


What number of joyful moments,

    now embedded, hidden in my coronary heart,

        have made me who I’m?

So typically, Lord, I keep in mind my troubles
    however overlook what made me joyful:

         my sorrows possess me,

         whereas pleasure slips by means of my fingers…

My childhood was way back

     so assist me keep in mind, Lord, 

or a minimum of belief the enjoyment  

    of playful moments I’ve forgotten,

of all of the occasions all through my life

    when peace has dominated my coronary heart,

    when grace has touched my soul,

    when pleasure has healed my sorrow…


Assist me plumb once more the depths

    of all of the blessings, all the fun,

        remembered and forgotten,

    which have made me who I’m,

    that dwell inside me now,

    that give me hope in you

        from whom all joys and blessings stream… 






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