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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/16


I discovered one other bridge throughout Clear Creek, Lord,

just a bit methods upstream from the place I have been stopping

when out for a stroll…


Similar waters, Lord, however some how, at this bridge

Clear Creek appeared, effectively – clearer!

And brighter, swifter and extra highly effective!

And cleaner, extra glowing and intense!

And what’s extra, Lord,

this vantage level pulled me nearer,

made me even thirstier for the refreshment

tumbling and rolling slightly below me

as I stood upon that picket bridge…


One thing in these waters, Lord, teases me

to cease and marvel, pause and ponder,

to carry my breath in your presence

and to hope…


And what’s that one thing?

What’s in these waters, Lord?

    your fascinating grace? 

    your whisper within the present?

    your shimmering enticement?

    your clear glory?

    your fluid energy

        seeping, pouring, flowing, surging 

            over the rocks and into my soul?

has been deepening a gorge,

slicing its method via canyon partitions,

now rippling and splashing, 

    a spring of pleasure,  a font of pleasure,

        a stream of knowledge and blessing…


Maintain seeping into my coronary heart, Lord,

maintain flowing, freely, via my veins

and surge with energy throughout me,

over the rocks and into my soul…





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