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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 9/7

On condition that life is so brief, Lord,

I ponder what you assume

after we take a nap, or a break day

or go away on trip…

I will admit to some guilt 

about not being busy 24/7,

given the work that is ours to do,

given how a lot you ask of our time…

However then I keep in mind the story of creation

    and the way you took the seventh break day…

After which there’s the time you took a nap,

     catching some ZZZs within the stern of the boat

    whereas a storm got here up on the ocean…

And what number of occasions did you slip away, Lord,

    to a quiet place,

    to the alternative shore,

    to the highest of a mountain,

to discover a place for peace and for prayer,

    other than the press of the crowds?


Because the psalmist reminds:

    It is useless to rise early

        or to place off your relaxation…


You recognize I really like all these examples, Lord,

all that point off!

And I know there is a key right here, 

a approach to perceive 

    sabbath, relaxation and leisure…


All’s effectively, Lord, so long as break day

    is not time away from you…


All’s effectively, Lord, so long as break day

    brings me nearer to your aspect…


All’s effectively, Lord, so long as break day

    refreshes me for work that is mine…


All’s effectively, Lord, so long as break day

    offers me extra free time to wish…


All’s effectively, Lord, so long as break day

    is time we share collectively, you and I… 

I am grateful, Lord, for Sabbath time

    on no matter day it comes

and pray for these so busy

    they’ve little time to relaxation…

I pray your grace and blessing, Lord,

on time I spend  at work

and on the time I spend at relaxation:

assist me use every second effectively

    for day-after-day’s a day you’ve got made…


Shield me, Lord, whereas I am awake

and watch over me whereas I sleep

that awake, I would preserve watch with you

and asleep relaxation in your peace…





There’s a quiet place

Removed from the speedy tempo

The place God can soothe my troubled thoughts

Sheltered by tree and circulate’r

There in my quiet hour

With him my cares are left behind

Whether or not a backyard small

Or on a mountain tall

New energy and braveness there I discover

Then from this quiet place

I am going ready to face

A brand new day with love for all mankind 





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