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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 10/26

They’re tearing down the home I grew up in, Lord!

We moved right here on my first birthday

and I performed out my childhood 

proper on this block, simply down the road 

close to the nook of Hobart and Maple…


A wee, small home it was, Lord

(an architectural afterthought)

tucked in between two a lot bigger houses

and thus its offbeat handle:  

    9½ Hobart,  Danvers, MA…

The block’s being cleared for a

    residential, combined use improvement 

and whereas I’ve no need to carry again the longer term

I am unable to assist however marvel if what’s being deliberate

    can provide what I discovered at 9½…


It is massive and it is daring however can it present

    entrance steps to take a seat on come summer season nights;

    a yard for taking part in hide-and-go-seek

        and working and catching fireflies;

    a two minute stroll to the Nook Retailer

        or a tuna sub from Betty Ann’s;

    and loads of room for making buddies;

        for falling down and getting up;

    for moments of pleasure and instances of damage;

        for rising pains and rising up;

    for having a world the place all was secure,

        the place all of us cared for our neighbors

            and our neighbors all cared for us…


It was the primary place I bear in mind, Lord,

    the house I am going to always remember;

although they tear it down, they’re going to not dismantle

    its roof over all my recollections,

    its home windows into my soul,

    the heat of its coal-fed furnace,

    the love of my household sheltered and secure

        within the rooms of this wee, small home…

And apart from all this, I’ve one other residence, Lord,

    a dwelling I’ve not but seen:

a house that you have been making ready for me

    since earlier than I used to be even conceived…


There’s a spot in your coronary heart, in your Father’s home,

    the place I pray we’ll all meet once more 

when it is lastly time to “come residence,” Lord,

    to the place the place all peace dwells…

In that little home on Hobart Road

    I first discovered of you and your love,

might I meet those that taught me

    and sheltered my religion

once we’ve all come residence to you, Lord,

    once we’re all at residence as soon as once more…

Shield me, Lord, whereas I am awake

and watch over me whereas I sleep

that awake, I’d maintain watch with you

and asleep, relaxation in your peace…




Heaven Is My House   






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