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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 8/4

In my neck of the woods, Lord,

in my nook of your winery,

the solar units this night at 8:00 p.m.:

    the final time this season 

    for an “8 or later” eventide

    as the times develop even shorter…


The lack of daylight is not new

    a minute or two, every single day,

    slowly slipping, quietly,

    nearly with out discover,

    ’til the road is crossed

    and now day fades

    someday after 7…


It is not simply how the earth tilts, Lord,

and the way we face the solar:

    it is the lack of gentle,

    the approaching darkish,

    the counting down, 

    fall’s fading contact

        on all issues shiny and delightful,

    the lengthy, gradual march to winter

    and our anxious longing, ready

        for the spring to rise once more…

As I prayed in June, I will pray tonight…


You don’t have any clock, no calendar,

no chart of adjusting seasons

for with you – all is now –

because it all the time was and might be…


It doesn’t matter what the season,

the size of evening or day,

I can all the time discover, 

    can solely discover you now,

within the second proper at hand…


Tilt me all the time towards your gentle,

towards the heat and solace supplied me:         

    day or evening (lengthy or quick)         

    as seasons come and seasons go, 

    all the time within the second, Lord, 

    the second now at hand…


Train me to dwell in your time, Lord,

    the timelessness of  grace,

within the day you have made, the one day

    that is mine to dwell and mine to share 

    come summer time, fall, winter, spring

    and on this second, now…

Shield me, Lord, whereas I am awake

and watch over me whereas I sleep

that awake, I’d hold watch with you

and asleep relaxation in your peace…




1. Day is finished, however love unfailing dwells ever right here.
Shadows fall, however hope prevailing, calms ev’ry concern.
Loving Father, none forsaking,
Take our hearts, of affection’s personal making,
Watch our sleeping, guard our waking,
Be all the time close to.

2. Darkish descends, however gentle never-ending shines via our evening;
You’re with us, ever lending new energy to sight:
One in love, your fact confessing,
One in hope of heaven’s blessing,
Might we see, in love’s possessing,
Love’s countless gentle!

3. Eyes will shut, however you, unsleeping, watch by our facet
Demise could come, in love’s safekeeping nonetheless we abide.
God of affection, all evil quelling
Sin forgiving, concern dispelling
Stick with us, our hearts indwelling,
This eventide.  




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