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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 8/25

This prayer is turning into considered one of my “annual” posts, 

one for late August – this is this summer time’s model…

They are saying “time marches on,” Lord,
– and it actually does!

The passage of time is inexorable: 

    time tires me

    however nothing tires time…

The march of time is unrelenting, unyielding, 

unstoppable and implacable 

so, why, Lord,

why am I taken abruptly 

    that August is sort of historical past, 

    the summer time’s winding down 

    that fall’s across the nook, 

    and Halloween is within the shops…

(I suppose if I did not discover it so laborious to imagine
that I am ___ years outdated,
I might discover it simpler to simply accept the shortly fading days
of this eighth month of the yr…)

Yearly, Lord, and each month,
each week and day by day, 
each hour and each second,
each minute and each second 
brings me that a lot nearer 
    to the timeless, 
    to my without end,
    to eternity,
    to you…

The grace in that is easy, Lord:
    you are in each second,
    you are in each hour, week and day,
    you have walked with me 
        by all my years
    and have by no means, not even for a second,
        left my facet…

Time marches on, Lord,
    and typically I sustain
    and typically fall behind
    and typically I simply cease
        in the midst of all of it
however even then, time retains its tempo:
    an everlasting tide,
    sweeping me from my life’s shores
        out to the infinite ocean
            of the thriller of your love,
            of your affected person, all the time merciful
                and timeless love for me…

All time is yours 

    and in your kindness, Lord 

        we stay on borrowed time:

’til you name us to the timeless,

    to that peace that has no finish,

’til you name us residence to be with you

    – all in your good time…

Stick with us, Lord, as this present day ends
    and tomorrow waits its flip:
defend as we lie awake 
    and guard us whereas we sleep
that awake, we would hold watch with you
    and asleep, relaxation in your peace…     


 In His Time by the Maranatha Singers

If a video does not seem beneath, click here!




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