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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Thanksgiving 2022

This Thanksgiving night time, Lord,

I am grateful for the reward of religion:

    that energy, energy and supply inside

    exhibiting me the way in which,

    guiding me at midnight,

    ensuring my faltering step,

    giving mild for locating fact

    and hope for dwelling gracefully

    by means of all my trials and troubles..


Tonight, Lord, I am grateful for the reward of your Church:

    that wounded, rag-tag, joyful band

        of saints and sinners, 

            employee bees and ne’er do wells

    whose religion provides my energy,

    whose hope fuels my endurance,

    whose love is binds me to them

        and thru them to your coronary heart…


Tonight, I am grateful for all of the folks in my life:

    those who’ve formed the individual I’ve develop into;

    who’ve cherished me in methods too many to think about;

    who’ve pardoned and forgiven me with kindness and compassion;

    who’ve shared their pleasure and crammed my coronary heart with peace,

    who’ve helped me in my troubles

        to imagine you are all the time with me…


Tonight, Lord, I am grateful for the thriller of your presence,

    your devoted, light, therapeutic presence

    in everybody I do know and meet,

    in every day’s easy joys

    and within the blessed, quiet stillness

        of my time with you in prayer…


And tonight, Lord, I am grateful for…


    Take a while proper now to inform the Lord 

        what YOU’RE most grateful for this night...


I reward and thanks, Lord,

    my Savior, pal and brother,
for you are my ever devoted God
    from whom all blessings circulation…


Defend me, Lord whereas I am awake,

preserve vigil whereas I sleep

that awake, I would preserve watch with you

and asleep, relaxation in your peace…




Two choices for music tonight… The first is an 

instrumental, background for naming the folks and

 items you are grateful for…  The second is a gorgeous

association of the hymn, Day is Finished, a becoming finish

for Thanksgiving Day… 




Day Is Finished by the Notre Dame Folk Choir

1. Day is completed, however love unfailing dwells ever right here.
Shadows fall, however hope prevailing, calms ev’ry concern.
Loving Father, none forsaking,
Take our hearts, of affection’s personal making,
Watch our sleeping, guard our waking,
Be all the time close to.

2. Darkish descends, however mild never-ending shines by means of our night time;
You’re with us, ever lending new energy to sight:
One in love, your fact confessing,
One in hope of heaven’s blessing,
Might we see, in love’s possessing,
Love’s limitless mild!

3. Eyes will shut, however you, unsleeping, watch by our facet
Dying could come, in love’s safekeeping nonetheless we abide.
God of affection, all evil quelling
Sin forgiving, concern dispelling
Stick with us, our hearts indwelling,
This eventide.  




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