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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 1/9

On Sundays, Evening Prayer will concentrate on a component from the day’s celebration of Mass. Tonight we’ll riff on a line from the gospel: “And a voice got here from heaven, ‘You’re my beloved Son…'”

The heavens opened up, Lord,

and your Father’s voice was heard:

    You’re my beloved Son…


Now I open up my coronary heart

and pray you hear me once I say:

    Lord, you’re my beloved…

    You’re my beloved greatest good friend,

    my cherished companion,

    my trusted huge brother…

    my beloved good shepherd,

    my pilot and my captain,

    my guardian and my information…


    my beloved sensible instructor,

    my comrade and my confidant,

    my backup and my standby… 

    my beloved and delicate healer,

    my teacher and my coach,

    my companion and my helper…

    my beloved and selfless champion,

    my counselor and consoler,

    my advocate and mentor…


    my beloved and trustworthy sidekick,

    my protector, my defender,

    my savior and redeemer…


You’re my beloved, Lord,

    and by your mercy and your grace,

        I’m yours…

Defend me, Lord, whereas I am awake

and watch over me whereas I sleep

that awake, I’d maintain watch with you

and asleep relaxation in your peace…


Tonight’s music is sluggish paced and reflective:

    give it time and let in draw you into prayer…








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