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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 4/29

There are such a lot of issues we take as a right, Lord:

    issues we seldom give a second thought to,

    issues we predict we are able to at all times rely on, 

    issues we predict will at all times be there, at all times be ours

– till we discover out

    issues aren’t as certain as we had thought,

    as we had anticipated, deliberate and dreamed,

    as we had hoped and we had prayed…


Even the essential issues:

    peace and freedom, 

    fact and justice,

    generosity and honesty,

    a phrase given, a promise made,

    tomorrow  – even life itself,

even the most straightforward, basic items, Lord,

    cannot be taken as a right…


So, once we really feel misplaced, disoriented, questioning

    the way to get from right here to there,

    from now to then,

    from at the moment to tomorrow,

    from tomorrow to eternally,

remind us, Lord, we will be certain of you:

    certain of your love and your goodness,

    certain of your trustworthy mercy,

    certain of your phrase, your fact,

    certain of your promise to be with us,

        to guide us, to information us,

        at all times and in every single place,

        in good instances and in dangerous,

            from right here to there,

            from now to then, 

            from at the moment to tomorrow,

            from tomorrow to eternally…

Lead us, Lord, 

    from folly to fact,

    from despair to hope,

    from tears to laughter, 

    from the insufferable to aid,

    from concern to belief,

    from grief to pleasure, 

    from right here to there,

    from at the moment to tomorrow,

    from dying to life 

         with you and people we love


Defend us, Lord, once we’re not sure

and watch over us evening and day

that awake, we would preserve watch with you

and asleep, relaxation in your peace…



There is a lengthy intro to this night’s music

    however the piece is just not instrumental, the lyrics are uplifting…







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