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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 10/28

Each occasionally it dawns on me, Lord,

    how petty, how passing and inconsequential

are so many issues renting house in my thoughts

    and filling my coronary heart with fear and concern…


Each occasionally I get a transparent view 

    of what actually issues, the issues that depend,

of what makes a distinction in how I reside

    and what makes a distinction to you…


Each occasionally I get some perspective

    on how small my world has turn out to be,

how entitled, short-sighted and egocentric my take

    on what burdens the hearts of others…


Each occasionally, at the very least every now and then,

    and simply as occurred at present, Lord,

I look by way of your eyes and really feel along with your coronary heart

    and I see my life as you do…

I see my burdens, my blessings and items,

    I really feel my ache, my therapeutic and peace;

I settle for what’s onerous, what’s actual and true,

    I do know my sins and your mercy and charm;

I see myself as I really am, Lord:

    troubled and calm; damaged and healed;

    lonely and beloved; forgotten and located;

    fragile and powerful; fearful and positive;

    doubting and trustworthy; hungry and fed…

Each occasionally it dawns on me, Lord:

    you are my Maker and I am your little one;

    you are my approach, my reality and my life;

    you are my Lord, my God, my all;

    you are who issues, who actually counts…


Solely in you does my life make sense,

    solely in you’ll I discover myself,

        solely in you’ll I do know the reality

            and solely in you’ll I be at peace…


Defend me, Lord, whereas I am awake

and watch over me whereas I sleep

that awake, I would maintain watch with you

and asleep, relaxation in your peace…





Solely is God will my soul be at relaxation
From God comes my hope, my salvation. 

You alone are my rock of security,
My energy, my Glory my God. 

1. Belief in God always O folks
and pour out your coronary heart.
God alone is a refuge for us
And a stronghold for our concern.

2. Many instances have I heard you inform
Of your lengthy lasting love.
You, Your self, Lord reward all who labor
For love of Your Title.




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