Complete Deliverance from the Spirit of poverty

Poverty is an evil spiritual personality and principality.  It is a Condition where people’s basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met.  He pounces on people and makes them his captives.  Some people’s destiny is being directed from riches to poverty.  Poverty spirit is a Terrible one.   Anyone afflicted with the spirit of poverty needs divine intervention to get out of the mess, it is seriously a  spiritual battle of which only aggressive prayers and fasting  can resolve.

A lot of people are not suppose to be poor, but they still find themselves in the camp of poverty and lack. This article will show you why you shouldn’t be poor and what to do to get out of poverty fast.  When you are poor the spirit of poverty is at word in your life. This book will show you signs to watch out for when you are attacked by the spirit of poverty. There are lots self- deliverance powerful prayers to destroy the spirit of poverty in your life and make you discover your God given prosperity, destiny, blessings, breakthroughs etc.

Causes of Poverty.

Poor education

Natural disaster

Poor political governance,

Embezzlement of Government funds by officials

Low skills

There is no excuse for any Christian to be poor, as God Almighty has provided us with everything we need to use to our advantage.  He gave us Brain, intelligence to turn around any situation or difficulty, abundant life and the constitution which is the Bible the word of God to help us achieve our God given destiny.  However Christians are suppose to be shining examples of divine prosperity but the reverse is often the case,.

Christians may be poor because of the following reasons:

They have abandoned the work of God for the work of flesh, chasing after things of the world rather than things of God

They have abandoned soul winning and evangelism.

They put their personal business first, the God second or last.

They have forgotten that God is He that gives power to make wealth, not by power nor might.

Whether you accept it or not, the devil is desperate in making sure that you don’t prosper, the world is a battle field and you must fight to gain your freedom.  Poverty is waging war against you, against your destiny, family, business, you can name it. It is a battle you must win, if not, you will never be able to appropriate all that God has in store for you or even occupy your throne of glory and honour.  Nothing messes up lives like poverty. The most humiliating, frustrating and killing captivity is poverty. The prayer points in this book are carefully targeted to destroy the devil and get out of poverty fast.

Before going to the prayer session you need to discover who poverty is.

Scriptures: Proverbs 6:11 So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.

So will your poverty come like a robber or one who travels [with slowly but surely approaching steps] and your want like an armed man [making you helpless].

Then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.

 Poverty is more than what you think, it is not an experience one you should go through,  Just bear it in mind that Poverty is a Spirit.


It is the spirit of rebellion to the authority of God, His Prophets, etc.

It is the spirit of disobedience to the word.

It is the spirit of pride and arrogance.

It is the spirit of laziness.

It is the spirit of leisure and pleasure.

It is the spirit of selfishness, greed and covetousness.

It is the spirit of envy, hatred and bitterness.

It is the spirit of disunity.

It is the spirit of witchcraft – manipulation, control, oppression, pulling people down, etc.

It is the spirit of dryness, lack and limitations.

Wherever you find these things, the spirit of poverty is present and at work.

I declare to you, the spirit of poverty must pack out of your life.

Every contract or covenant between you and the spirit of poverty must be broken.

Receive strength that is supernatural to win the battle, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Spirit of Poverty Attack: signs to watch out for.

The resources you need to achieve your goals and dreams will be stolen, hidden or hindered from you.

The spirit of poverty will make you sow and toil but ensures that you get little or nothing from your labour.

The spirit of poverty frustrates and stops people from having the means to earning money for a living.

The spirit of poverty causes a man who earns very good income to become a victim of wasters and devourers.

The Spirit of poverty makes you to employ wrong personnel who will eventually defraud your company, thereby putting the organization back to zero level.

The spirit of poverty will encourage you to date your secretary or any of your female staff in your company.

5. The spirit of poverty makes a well-paid man to steal in a shop and is caught and disgraced, and in some cases burnt to ashes.

6. The spirit of poverty makes a bread winner not to take care of his wife, children and the home, but will gladly waste money outside on unprofitable and unreasonable purposes.

7. The spirit of poverty compels people to leave lucrative jobs and places of blessings and favour through wrong decisions, misbehaviour or sudden disfavour.

8 The spirit of poverty compels you to change your church to another possible a demonic church unknown to you.

8. The spirit of poverty makes people to hate and react against financial deliverers and messengers of prosperity.

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