Command the Day 3rd of October 2018: Associate with the right people



Whatever you do, make sure you don’t spend your life among people who are more interested in looking right than being right. If you go with the easy or pretentious or inauthentic no character crowd, people who don’t challenge you to be and do better, people who are more interested in having fun than they are in having substance, real results or progress, then don’t complain that your life remains mediocre and you have no results.

Every time you choose the easy route and lack of discipline, you have just signed up for being average. All of us are getting much older so we can’t afford stay play any longer because life demands some pretty serious answers. Choose life and choose character so that your living in the final analysis will not have been in vain because you would have prospered, made a mark that can never be erased.

I pray this day that  the Lord would quicken your mind with supernatural ideas that will produce unlimited increase for you. I pray that you will not only have clarity of thought but that you will also have the anointing of Daniel making you ten times sharper and wiser than your peers and contemporaries. I pray that for every challenge and perplexing circumstance that you may be facing, you will be able to download heavens insights , wisdom and ideas that will also become lucrative in the market place in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


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  1. Aura Douglas says:

    Praise God. Thank you my friend IN Jesus name. I. Love. Those. Prayers they. Lift. Me. Up and. However. Me. Joyces

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