command the Day 28th of September 2018


What type of prayer are you praying? You go to church everyday praying, telling God constantly that every stumbling block should be removed, anybody hindering you from getting ahead should pack up and go…..

Then your friends or lover starts to avoid you and you are woried about what went wrong????

Don’t you know that it is your prayer that is working???

Please don’t be the cause of your problem…everybody in your life has a time frame guiding them in your life “for a day”, “for a while”, “forever”….and if for a day don’t go, you won’t meet for a while, and if for a while don’t go, you won’t meet forever …..

Be a thinker, a believer and stay positive!

Whatever you need today, God is your source. He is your supplier. Whether you need a new car or a place to live, He has it to give to you. All you have to do is access it by faith. You don’t have to figure out in your natural mind how He is going to get it to you. All you have to do is believe and receive.

Speak the word ; May God supplies all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19.

I pray this day, regardless of your location, your position, your situation or your circumstances right now, God will bring you out of the pit of shame and place you on higher ground.

God will turn your mess to a message and all your disappointments will become a point of divine appointment. You may be at a low point right now, or your situation may be very discouraging, but remember, it is not over yet.

There is only one thing you absolutely cannot afford to do without – and that is your time spent in prayer and in the word of God. It is your very life. It is where your victory lies. You may forget that, but Satan never does. He will constantly be sending time – stealers your way. So be alert and don’t become entangled in them. Make the time you spend with God your first priority every day.                                                                                                                   I pray this day, God in His infinite mercy will bless you and your household. He will give you a breakthrough in the name of Jesus. Whatever you seek  and demand from Him will be given unto you because you are precious to Him, just hold fast unto Him. Your enemies will lick the dust in Jesus name. Amen.

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