command the Day 23rd of September 2018

Nothing about you is an accident.

God said in Ephesians, “You are my masterpiece”

Instead of feeling unattractive or talking down on yourself, get up in the morning and say, “I am a masterpiece. I am created in the image of Almighty God”.

I pray this day, whatever hasn’t worked thus far and seems to be mocking the promises of God over your life, today is the day the spirit of the Lord rewrites your story and changes how it all ends. It is your harvest time in Jesus name.

It doesn’t matter where sugarcane is planted, it will definitely be sweet, Anyone that lick honey will always experience sweetness,

Light always Chase away darkness both in the physical and in the spiritual, I decree and declare for you this morning that, you will never taste bitterness, sorrow, sadness, failure and shame in life. Your life shall be filled with joy and happiness and you shall not be cut off at the prime of your life. This day and the remaining months of the year will bring sweetness into your life and family In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

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