Command the Day 21st of September. 2018

King Saul and his host of Army got to the battlefield earlier but David came last to take the victory. It does not matter who got there before you. It does not matter what people are saying about you. Your arrival will break barriers, your miracle will break protocols, your testimony shall last forever. You shall be the most preferred anywhere you go. Power to survive this year shall rest upon you and the name of the Lord shall be glorified. So shall it be in the most powerful name of Jesus.

As Samuel carried the Oil that made David King and did not lose his Direction until he found David, God will order somebody who is carrying your breakthrough to locate you today in the mighty name of Jesus. Today, God shall be there for you at every point of your need. The blessings of God shall not pass you. His glory shall surely manifest in your life. May those who stand on your progress stumble and fall, and may all the curses from your enemies be turned into blessing.


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  1. Aura Douglas says:

    Praise God Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

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