Prayers for 15th of September 2018


Beloved, i decree and dismantle this morning that every roadblock created by enemies to prevent you from moving to higher ground, God will arrest and destroy every unseen force of darkness that has been wasting your blessing and every fruitless tree in your life shall be uprooted in Jesus name. Today you shall have no reason to cry, every relationship that never added value to your life will be terminated by fire, every deception that has succeeded in wasting your glory shall be aborted permanently in Jesus name Amen

I pray this morning that, all your good dreams will manifest. As God liveth, your requests shall be attended to. The Lord will make your testimonies great.

In everything that you do, God will manifest Himself. You will not labour in vain. The mercy of God shall continually locate you.

As you step out today, you will not fall into any pit. The enemies of your progress shall be subdued. You will go out in peace and return with sweet testimonies. Your efforts shall be watered and crowned with abundant success in Jesus Mighty Name.

The Lord will show you a secret that will rewrite your story.

The bible says “God’s word will not return to Him without accomplishing it’s purpose.”

I pray for you today, let every promise of the living word of God be made manifest in every area of your life.

No matter how small honey is, nobody tastes it and complains.

For the rest of your life, even if bitterness is shared freely, you will never have a portion in it.

Every door you knock for assistance will gladly open.

May the good Lord make the four corners of the earth to release your blessings unto you and make your way successful, fruitful and prosperous in Jesus Mighty name.

Do have a blessed Saturday and a mercy filled weekend. Shalom

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