Prophetic Declaration to Overcome Procrastination

You need to make the following declaration and please make sure you fast and break by 12.noon or 6pm depending on your body constitution


In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ I proclaim that I am a child of God, the Alpha and Omega, the creator of the universe, the beginning and the end, you are the kings of kings the Lord of Lords, I worship you, I salute you. I boldly confess all my sins I committed consciously and unconsciously, father forgive me and have mercy on me. I destroy every root of sin in my life and receive power to overcome sin.


I come to you asking for help with my tendency to procrastinate and put off important tasks, studies, projects and serious personal conversations until the last minute.  Thank you for all of the times you rescued me from my own bad habits when I really didn’t deserve it because I didn’t work and plan ahead.


I pray that you will give me self-knowledge into the reasons and into the root causes of why I put things off. Is it avoidance because of fear of failure, anxiety over whether I can do the job that keeps me from starting or finishing? Is it that I am too easily distracted by things I really like doing? Is it because I have been running on the false assumption that I work better under pressure?

I ask that you give me a greater appreciation of the preciousness of time.  I thank you that you are the Lord of order, of creation and of history.  You have created seasons, months and days, sleep and wake, life and growth. 



I am grateful that even though you live outside of time in eternity, you understand how I feel because your son Jesus had to make decisions and take action about what things he should make a priority.  Help me to define my priorities and then follow the example of how Jesus got up early before sunrise and went off to lonely places to pray because it was on his priority list and he knew if he put it off till later, it wouldn’t get done.  (see Mark 1:35)


I pray that you will guide me.  Please help me set good time priorities and stick with them.  Give me self discipline.  Empower me to ask others for help when I don’t know how to get started or how to finish up. 


Give me confidence in my ability to do big tasks.  Help me to overcome the temptation to do other things that I’d rather be doing that are less important.  I know that you want me to live a healthy, productive life.  Help me learn how to break this habit.  Empower me in my weakness.  Bring me back when I stray.  Focus me.  Organize me. Remind me.  Energize me.  Thank you Lord for answered prayers, I shall have everything I have declared now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.



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