Prayers against the Spirit of Bondage


Pray the following prayers in the middle of the night

“While men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.” (Matthew 13:25)


Anchor Scripture: Psalm 2


  1. My Father, I am in your courtroom now, avenge me of my adversaries, in Jesus Name.
  2. Domestic witchcraft, I drag you to the court of the Almighty, in Jesus Name.
  3. My stubborn enemies, I drag you to the court of the Almighty, in Jesus Name.
  4. Enemies of my progress, I drag you to the court of the Almighty, in Jesus Name.
  5. God Arise! Judge them by fire! in Jesus Name.
  6. Garment of darkness on my body, CATCH FIRE! in Jesus Name.
  7. Power of environmental covens, Die, in Jesus Name.
  8. Opportunity wasters, my life is not your candidate, Die! in Jesus Name.
  9. Any chain binding my finances, Break Now! in Jesus Name.
  10. Spiritual powerlessness, Die! in Jesus Name.
  11. Drinkers of blood and eaters of flesh, Hear the word of the Lord, DIE! in Jesus Name.
  12. My inner-man RECEIVE FIRE! (Pray it like machine-gun by repeating it several times), in Jesus Name.
  13. By the power that healed blind Bartemaeus, O God Arise! Heal me by Fire! in Jesus Name.
  14. Power of infirmity, Die, in Jesus Name.
  15. Inherited infirmities, you are a liar! Die! in Jesus Name.
  16. Blood of Jesus, sanitize my blood, in Jesus Name.
  17. Witchcraft-sponsored infirmities, BACK-FIRE! in Jesus Name.
  18. Bondage of infirmities, B-R-E-A-K! in Jesus Name.
  19. Curses of infirmity B-R-E-A-K! in Jesus Name.
  20. Any power prolonging infirmity, DIE! in Jesus Name.
  21. Eaters of flesh; Drinkers of blood, my life is not your candidate, therefore, DIE! in Jesus Name.
  22. Arrows of infirmity assigned against my head, B-A-C-K-F-I-R-E! in Jesus Name.
  23. Agents of infirmity from my food, Die! in Jesus Name.

24. My Father, You are the One who created times and seasons, and You put me here to operate, I thank You Father for bringing me here today, by the power of the Holy Ghost, I recover my destiny from the hands of the wicked. Father,

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