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NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 8/23

I am praying tonight for some of us I do know
(and I do know you recognize who they’re, Lord)
of us who for superb causes
are drained, upset and unhappy,
feeling there is no manner out…

Break by way of the partitions of their grief, Lord,
    holding them lonely and captive,
rescue them from the ocean of tears

    threatening to drown them in disappointment

and present them a manner out of the maze
    blocking the trail to their freedom’s peace…

Strengthen the need of these worn by worry,
    heal the injuries of yesterday’s damage,
nurture belief in doubting souls

    and fire up hope in hopeless hearts…

Strike only a match of their darkness, Lord,
    let a glimmer of sunshine catch their eye,
let the spark of your Spirit ignite their religion
    in you, in themselves and tomorrow…
Defend them, Lord, whereas they’re awake
and provides them sleep on the finish of day
that awake they could hold watch with you
and asleep, relaxation in your peace…
If the video doesn’t seem beneath, click here!

There Is A Hope by Stuart Townend





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