Guide to Export

Exportation of Nigerian Food Items: Discover How to Package and Export Nigerian Food Items Globally

As the global oil sales is now declining in Nigeria, attention is now being drawn to other exportable products. Exporting food items from Nigeria to other parts of the world is now a profitable business in Nigeria with huge potentials. A lot of business owners are now shifting to exportation business, hence the publication of this book. People are being encouraged to find what they can do for themselves and not necessarily have to wait for the government to help them.

Export business is one of such businesses that would always come in handy when you are considering the kind of business to go into. One of the great things about the export business is that it is not limited by a boundary.

It is a kind of business that cuts across countries and therefore increases your market. So if you are considering going into business, you might want to look into exporting e specially food items.

By popular demand I have carefully prepared a Steps by Step Guide to Starting  and profiting from An Exportation of Nigerian food items to other parts of the world.

In this book you will discover the following

  1. How to register a business name?

  2. List of profitable food items and commodities you can export

  3. How to source for foreign buyers and our own comprehensive list of buyers to get you started?

  4. How to find suppliers of food items and other products?

  5. How to investigate the authenticity of the suppliers?

  6. How to ship or courier your commodities?

  7. How profitable is export business in Nigeria?

  8. The Functions Of The Nigeria Export Commission (NEPC) In Export Business in Nigeria

  9. List of food items that cannot be exported from Nigeria.


Please note that the profit margin in the food exportation business is very wide and can turn you to overnight millionaire.  There are various business opportunities to make millions in Nigeria but it is unfortunate that majority of Nigerians are blind to see it. Exporting food items from Nigeria to other countries is one of them.  Stop blaming the government, use the knowledge you acquire in the university to make money for yourself.

This book is so valuable that  you will thank me later when you implement all the strategies contain in it.

The value of this book is more than N100,000.00 which is far less than the cost of attending a seminar on food exportation. With a copy of this book you don’t need a seminar because it is a detained step by step guide on food exportation business in Nigeria.

I am not going to charge as high as that because I want all Nigerians to buy this book. 

Just pay  a sum of N5,000.00 for digital version of this book and N10,000.00 for paperback if you prefer the printed version

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