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A Purpose for Tears – A Devotional by Karen Woodard

“Why will we cry?  Tears are therapeutic. Weeping could endure for an evening, however pleasure comes within the morning! 

I’m worn out from my groaning. All night time lengthy I flood my mattress with weeping and drench my sofa with tears:Psalm 6:6

Why will we cry? My new granddaughter often cries due to starvation, tiredness, a grimy diaper, or teething ache. Most of us cry as a result of we’re annoyed, hurting, depressed, weary, or unhealthy.

David’s sorrow led him to be worn out with weeping, to the purpose of “flooding his mattress” and “drenching his sofa with tears”. Are you able to establish with this sort of weeping? I can. At one significantly low level in my life, I cried each morning for every week!

Tears are therapeutic for stopping dryness and an infection, supplying oxygen and vitamins, and therapeutic injury. I want to suggest that in addition they have religious functions: stopping religious dryness and sin’s an infection of our spirits, supplying religious oxygen and vitamins to our soul, and therapeutic our religious wounds!

The general objective of tears is that we would see higher, each bodily and spiritually! There’s a tune that got here to thoughts as I used to be reflecting in regards to the motive for the tears I’ve shed through the years of my life:

He washed my eyes with tears that I would see the damaged coronary heart I had was good for me. He tore all of it aside and regarded inside. He discovered it filled with worry and silly satisfaction. He swept away the issues that made me blind, and shortly I noticed the clouds have been silver-lined. And now I perceive ’twas greatest for me he washed my eyes with tears that I would see. (Lyrics by J Swaggart)

Father God, thanks for tears and for the way in which they carry me again to you! Assist me to belief you when life doesn’t go the way in which I want it might, and please use my tears to maintain me spiritually wholesome and aware of your Holy Spirit’s work. Amen.

In case you discover that you’re crying lots recently, here’s a last encouragement from Psalms 30:5b: Weeping could endure for an evening, however pleasure comes within the morning! Belief God to convey therapeutic and well being out of your grief and disappointment, however know that he’s additionally utilizing your tears for his good functions.

By Karen Woodard
Utilized by Permission

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