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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 10/7


Lord, I am engaged on my homily for Sunday:

you realize the scriptures for the day

so I might recognize it in the event you would not snicker too loudly

after I presume to evangelise about knowledge!


Simply fascinated by knowledge

jogs my memory of how silly, how unwise,

I usually am and of simply how a lot

I have to cling to your knowledge 

daily of my life…


I have to cling to your knowledge as I make selections

– huge ones and small ones, daily selections –

that make a distinction in my life

and within the lives of these round me…


I have to cling to your knowledge, Lord

when foolishness seeks to seduce me

out of your will to mine,

out of your methods to my methods,

out of your reality to my fantasy…


I have to cling to your knowledge, Lord,

after I’m shaping my concepts,

forming opinions

and pledging my allegiance

to celebration, energy and privilege…

I have to cling to your knowledge, Lord,

after I’m misplaced, confused or discouraged

lest I take the mistaken path,

succumb to my doubts

or abandon my hope in you…


I have to cling to your knowledge, Lord,

since you are my method,

you’re my reality

and you’re my life:

with out you I am misplaced and don’t have anything…


I have to cling to your knowledge, Lord:

she is the sunshine in my shadows,

the energy in my weak spot

my hope in onerous instances

and pleasure in my sorrow… 


I have to cling to your knowledge, Lord,

to save lots of me from taking part in the idiot,

to assist me to know the reality

and to steer me to your mercy and style…


Defend me, Lord, whereas I am awake

and watch over me whereas I sleep

that awake, I would maintain watch with you

and asleep, relaxation in your peace…




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 (This tune was composed for a marriage, thus the road

within the third verse, “lead you each to life.”  For our objective

right here, you would possibly assume “lead you all to life.”)


Could you cling to knowledge for she’s going to defend you

and in the event you cherish her, she’s going to maintain you protected.

Take heed my youngsters and take heed to my phrases

and all of your years shall be wealthy and crammed with pleasure.

For I’ve taught you in methods of knowledge 

and paths of honesty.

Greater than all else, set a guard upon your coronary heart

since there’s discovered the wellspring of your soul!

Upon your journey let knowledge grace you

with steadfast imaginative and prescient.

So might you treasure the issues I’ve to say.

These phrases of reality shall lead you each to life.

Pray for notion, maintain quick to knowledge,

don’t forget her.





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