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A Harmony Pastor Feedback: NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 10/4

As fall crawls its means throughout the calendar,

I am turning on the lights earlier and earlier

day-to-day, nightfall by nightfall…


And immediately’s showers introduced a nip within the air,

unmistakenly October:

    time to interrupt out jackets, sweaters

    and long-sleeved flannel shirts…


However leaving this morning’s funeral, Lord,

quietly indulging a seasonal grief, 

my spirits had been warmed and lifted

by these blooms close to the convent door…

A sprig of blossoms, laughing on the climate,

    boldly ingesting within the rain, 

brilliant of their defying earth’s rotation

    spinning us in direction of autumn

    and out of summer time’s attain…


Nippon daisies, every a mirror 

    of the cloud-shrouded solar,

every a reminiscence 

    of months now historical past,

every a measure 

    of your blessing, your kindness…

These, too, will cross, Lord,

changed by colour bursting forth

    from branches letting go,

taking depart of June, July and August,

bracing for the autumn’s first frost,

shimmering with silver magnificence,

    lacy hints of pure, white snow…


In each season, Lord,

in each pleasure and sorrow,

in each time, temper and grief 

    your magnificence blesses us

    in grand and secret methods…


Open our eyes, ears, hearts and souls

to each hint of your grace

touching and filling the world throughout us…


Shield us, Lord, as seasons change,

as we rise and sleep every day

that awake, we’d hold watch with you

and asleep, relaxation in your peace…








1. Each promise we will make
Each prayer and step of religion
Each distinction we are going to make
is just by His grace.
Each mountain we are going to climb
Each ray of hope we shine
Each blessing left behind
is just by His grace

Grace alone which God provides
Energy unknown He’ll present
Christ in us, our cornerstone
We’ll go forth in grace alone.

2. Each soul we lengthy to achieve
Each fireplace we hope to show
In all places we share His peace
is just by His grace
Each loving phrase we are saying
Each tear we wipe away
Each sorrow turned to reward
is just by His grace





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