Prayers for 22nd of May, 2018

Say the following prayers  to yourself

Today,  Grace and mercy of God will uplift me into my greatness in Jesus Name.

My  feet will not stumble as I go out today in Jesus Name.

I  will be shielded from all accidents as from today in Jesus Name.

God will take  me to places of honor and watch over my home, business and endeavours in Jesus Name.

My  efforts will not be wasted and I will reap plenty and enjoy the labor of myhands in Jesus Name.

I will be favoured and the grace of God will rule over my life.

When bones are dry, all becomes dry but the breath of God always brings a turn around in Jesus Name.

Today, God will release His breath upon every dry ground of my  life in Jesus Name.

His breath will come upon my health, finances and marriage in Jesus Name.

Every dead hope will receive the breath of God in Jesus Name.

Every of my buried blessing will come forth again in Jesus Name.

Today, God  will resurrect any of my dead contracts In Jesus Name.

God will restore my lost help and favours and disgrace enemies of my  helpers in Jesus’ name.

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