Morning Prayers


This morning and forever, you will not suffer any form of affliction. Your glory will not fade but show forth. You will flourish like a tree planted by the river side. You will overcome what ever storm that comes your way. You will not be defeated by the enemies of your progress. Those wishing evil for you shall themselves experience it. Today shall bring you good tidings and the joy of the Most High shall dwell with you now and forever. Have a pleasant day and remain blessed.

God has protected you from so many things you did not even know about and He has blessed you with so many things you did not even pray for.

Patience goes a long way in life. We all should wait until due time and not be impatient. God’s timing is the best.

l pray this day that Almighty God in His infinite mercy will disappoint and disgrace anyone that is set up to frustrate your advancement in life. May you finish well in Jesus name


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